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my-coffee-pro-google-plusI want to become the Coffee Guru of Google Plus … will you help by circling the My Coffee Pro Google Plus Page?

My Coffee Pro at Cafe Moto

Cafe-Moto-logo-roundIt’s official, I start my new job at Cafe Moto today. They happen to be a large roaster here in San Diego. I hope to put all of my coffee experience and skills to the test and help expand and organize this company over the coming months and years.

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Wish me luck :-) launches for Coffee Pros

Coffee-Marketing-Pro-LogoWhile slinging coffee and moving up within the coffee industry, Chase Mann of and Jennifer Vaaler of helped their bosses with marketing strategies and put their backgrounds of design and writing to use increasing sales. After a year of networking and outsourcing each others specialized services, they decided to start Coffee Marketing Pro to offer a marketing powerhouse for specialty coffee companies like high quality cafes, roasters and suppliers.

Visit, fan them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @CoffeeMrktngPro

Coffee Resources:

I recently found a great new resource called CoffeeForum via Twitter (@coffeeforum_).

Lots of friendly and helpful members. Check it out!

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