Coffee Pro, Coffee Maker, Review

This website gets a lot of Google traffic for “Coffee Pro” and a high percentage of those visitors are looking for the “Coffee Pro” coffee maker. So I had the brilliant idea that I would test the Coffee Pro coffee maker and then resell it on this website as an affiliate and get a commission on sales.

I ordered the machine from Amazon for Christmas and got it after Christmas but before the New Year. It was packaged nicely and was completely undamaged from shipping. The instruction manual was easy to read and precise.

But, I wasn’t happy with it at all. The whole unit seemed to be cheap & flimsy. There was no room for overflowing the water tank either … not even by 1/8th of a cup. I did not like the way that you had to push buttons to set the automatic turn-on and brew feature … it wasn’t intuitive at all. The glass carafe seemed far too thin and fragile too.

Upon first brew, the coffee was not hot enough, it was warm at best. I tried the coffee maker for a week and never once did it get hot enough.

I disliked this coffee maker so much that I decided to just return it to Amazon and get my money back. Although the temperature could have been the result of a defective heating coil, I disliked so many features that I didn’t want to even try another unit.

Coming from someone that could have potentially made money from reselling this coffee maker, please take my advice and do NOT purchase this coffee maker … it’s not worth your time and inconvenience of having to return yours too.

Sorry Coffee Pro coffee maker, I can’t endorse a product that I don’t believe in.