Postcards for Coffee Marketing Success!

Why should your coffee business use postcards to market?

Postcards are extremely cheap to print in full-color from online digital printers and for a little extra investment, some will rent or sell you a mailing list and even address and mail them for you while offering bulk postage rates.

Here’s a short list of other reasons to consider marketing your coffee shop with postcards:

1. Simplicity: a postcard has to get someone’s attention as they’re going through the mail. Simple headlines work best. Make believe that every word is costing you $1,000. Example headlines: “Need More Coffee?”, “50% off Sale!”, “Happy Birthday !”

2. Timeliness: you can print postcards in small batches in order to effectively target the right customer at the right time. Remind customers that it’s time for another pound of beans, or it’s been a while since they’ve visited your store and you miss them, or even just to wish them a happy birthday.

3. Double-Sided:
it’s good for the front of your postcard to pose a question and the back of it to answer that question. Or use the front side like a poster and the backside to list details for an event or promotion.

4. Attractiveness:
no envelopes. No gimmicks. An attractive postcard will be kept around … especially if it has a discount.

5. Measurability:
a postcard can be a coupon, a gift certificate, or a ticket to an event. Ask customers to present the coupon to take advantage of an offer or promotion. Tracking your postcards helps you measure the effectiveness of your promotions.

For a few postcard marketing ideas, you may read my previous post, 14 Coffee Marketing ideas for Direct Mail & More.

A postage-paid postcard can increase response rates up to 8%!