5 Coffee Shop Holiday Marketing Ideas


I know what you’re thinking “holiday marketing? it’s only September!” … yes, but now is the time to get your holiday marketing planned out and all your preparations in order so that you can effectively launch and run with these ideas.

1. Have “13 Spooky Specials”, “30 Days of Thanks”, “12 Coffees of Christmas” specials: Each day until Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas, have a different Holiday Drink Special at a special price. This exposes your customers to more of your product offerings and gets them to try new things. You can read my article here “12 Coffees of Christmas” to see I utilized this concept to review some of our local coffee shops for Christmas.

2. Decorate your retail & online presence: Don’t just decorate your physical store, this is a great time to put up some customized graphics on your website too … and don’t forget to do the same with your email marketing, newsletters, and print materials if you can afford it.

3. Have a Holiday Photo Contest: Have customers submit their holiday photos via your company Facebook page and “tag” themselves and your business in the photo, then randomly draw out winners from the submissions. For Halloween, you could have “Scariest Costume” or “Cutest Pet Costume”. For Christmas, you could have “Best Santa” or “Best Present”. Promote the contest both online and in your store.

4. Create a Holiday Charity Tree: Buy a bunch of cheap ornaments (or print out paper ones) and give them out to customers that donate $1 or more to a local charity, have the customers write their name on the ornament and hang it on the tree. An alternative is to buy nice ornaments, not let the customer write anything on them, and reuse the ornaments every year (not as wasteful). If you want to get really adventurous, you could have a separate tree and ornaments each month for each separate holiday!

5. Give out Party Favors with each purchase: Wrapped candies work for any and all of the 3 major holidays … like jolly ranchers for Halloween, candy corn for Thanksgiving, and candy canes for Christmas.

Don’t forget to promote your holiday marketing events everywhere you can … send out press releases, email blasts, in-store posters/flyers, and make sure all your staff are talking about them and building buzz too.