Coffee Recipes: Caffè Affogato

An affogato is an espresso-based treat that you’ll find at many Italian restaurants, as well as at many cafes serving espresso and other coffee drinks. The full name is “affogato al cafe” or “drowned in coffee,” in Italian. The name really suits the dessert, as it consists of a scoop of ice cream (gelato) with a shot of hot espresso poured over the top.

Recipe: Affogato

Summary: Affogato (Italian “drowned”) -espresso and gelato

Espresso over Gelato

Espresso over Gelato


  • Gelato (2 to 4 ounces is standard)
  • Espresso (# of shots as ordered)

May substitute Gelato with Ice Cream, Sorbeto or Yogurt.

Most establishments use Vanilla, but you may use a variety of flavors.


  1. Put a scoop of gelato into bottom of cup.
  2. Extract espresso directly over gelato.

Some establishments pour and stir the espresso with the gelato in the cup.

Recipe by Chase.
Microformatting by hRecipe.

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